Go For No- Powerful Motivation to Succeed

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I recently finished a great book written by Richard Fenton Andrea Waltz.  The premise is simply to design your business building efforts around the word NO.  Invariably, most people in the network marketing business when building their down line set goals around the word yes.  Yes I want to attend a meeting.  Yes I will join you on a 3-way call.  Yes, I would like to buy your product.  Yes I would like to join as a Regional Manager.  We all have heard these responses in the past, right?

GoForNo proposes it is more profitable to design your business building efforts around getting no’s.  If you focus on a no goal, you will not stop your prospecting efforts when you hit a mulitple yes’s, which is what most of us do.  We set a production goal, hit it more quickly than we expect and guess what?  It’s time to take a break and enjoy our success.

The paradigm shift occurs when you have a firm no goal.  With a no goal, your successes will not become and obstacle in your journey to your larger dream goal.  Interestingly, at Enroll Mastery we teach to get comfortable, competent and confident so a network marketer get into massive action and thereby begin to acquire no’s rapidly.

Awesome litttle book.  Enjoy it.


The Network Sneak Peak Preview Call- September 18

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The Network- Clarity to Believe, Confidence to Connect and Certainty of Your Success


Free Sneak Peak Call


After recruiting for top corporations in the US and contributing over $100 Million dollars in revenue through my efforts, I have realized that anyone can learn what to do to successfully recruit others…but very few have the skills, confidence and processes to do it!  As an MLM Trainer and Coach  I will teach you these proven, bullet proof skills, strategies and processes.


Join me for my sneak peak preview call, The Network, where I will share with you…


ü      How to Profitably Leverage Your Warm Market

ü      A Powerful Dialogue to Create Abundant Referrals

ü      How To Inexpensively Generate On Line Leads

ü      What To Say To Handle Any Objection Powerfully

ü      Why Tracking Your Activities Propels You to Your Goals.


I promise this will be one of the most powerful calls you have been on in your life.  My commitment is to have you walk away from this call with tools you can use RIGHT NOW to amplify your business.




I’m going to teach you foundational relationship skills you can use NOW to enroll more people into your down line than you have ever before naturally and with ease.  I know if I deliver powerful tools you can see making a difference in your life, you’ll probably want more and register for my upcoming 6 week Tele-Seminar.


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Identifying Your Why- The Worksheet

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Below is an aide to assist you in identifying your why that I use with my students as an MLM Trainer and Coach.  Prior to reading further, commit yourself to completing the exercise and by doing so, you will committing to growing your network marketing business.




Step 1:  List Goals


            How much money do you want to earn each month? _______________________


            How much money do you want to be earning in twelve months?  _____________


            What will that do for you? ____________________________________________




            Why is that important to you? _________________________________________




            And why is that important? (Your answer is your WHY) ____________________








Transforming Your Why Into Daily Motivation

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Now that you have identified your inner driving force, your why, it is important to create a profitable mindset.  For years we have all been indoctrinated on the importance of cultivating and nurturing a positive mental attitude.  Undoubtedly, through our business generating activities each day, most of us encounter set-backs and rejection which often times lead to negative emotion.  As an MLM Trainer and Coach, I clearly recognize being negative or having negatively charged emotions are typically not traits that lead to being attractive in attraction marketing and enrolling into your down line.    


Highly successful distributors have developed a process to effectively manage their emotions.  They too, have felt rejected and doubtful.  It’s a natural human emotion that many are powerless to influence.


Creating the process is quite simple, as it includes only a few short steps and, it is centered on visualizing your end result and being grateful for the results your life has thus far achieved.  Visualizing activates your automatic creative mechanism according to Maxwell Maltz, author of “Psycho-Cybernetics,” and gratitude creates positive energy.  Soviet athletes perfected visualization during the cold war.  Together the two generate synergy to rapidly produce tremendous results.


Once you have taken the time to visualize the goals, next, we need to consider our current levels of skill in the basics of generating business.  Business basics such as competence in conversational selling skills, cold lead marketing and creating warm referrals.  If your confidence level and conversion ratios are high, then perhaps consider your business building skills such as administrative processes or your marketing processes.  Our goal is to identify what skill level currently has a cap.  The game is to identify your caps and begin to think strategically how to blow through them.


Growing through your skill level caps requires strategic thinking.  Perhaps an assessment of your strengths would illuminate a creative method to blow through your cap.  Your solution may be to hire staff for additional leverage while you continue to refine your focus on your strength.  Someone new to the business may recognize through this exercise a need to develop foundational selling skills.  Without selling skills your business will not grow.  Think of foundational selling skills as the bedrock of your business.






What Is Driving You?

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Clearly understanding why you wish to create a direct selling business is the first block of your foundation.  Becoming clear on your goals is more challenging than most people acknowledge.  There are two foundational motivators which drive human behavior.  Moving towards pleasure and moving away from pain.  Many of us at times, have both motivators working within us, with one being dominant.  The key to unlocking human potential is to effectively recognize which drives your behavior consistently.  Fortunately, statistics clearly point to moving away from pain as the dominant creator of human behavior patterns.


Knowing the majority of people will be an order of magnitude more motivated to move away from pain, is an incredibly valuable tool we have at our disposal in creating new income streams.  With this knowledge we can powerfully create goals that are aligned with our primary behavior pattern.  We can begin to align our goals at a foundational level.


Most people can quickly list several wants, such as a new car, an updated kitchen, money to send children to day care or private school and perhaps even list their desired retirement income.  Simply stated, most of us, with ease, can in a few moments list our goals.  Few people take time to strip away the layers of their goal to understand their why?  Doesn’t it make sense to understand why we want to achieve our goals?  The value of understanding your why is profound, as understanding what you are moving away from, and emotionalizing your biggest fears, creates passionate motivation to do whatever is possible to move far away from that fear.  Momentum occurs.


So, how do you find what your why is.  Similarly to writing your goals, simply list your biggest goal.  Once listed ask yourself, what will that do for you?  Write the answer down and ask yourself why that is important to you?  Now that you have your answer, ask your self, “and why is that important”?  Really dig deep and confront the reason.  Confront your why.  How does your response make you feel?  Chances are, if your answer is emotionalized, you have found your real why.  Your answer or your real why, may be your biggest fear. 


Wisdom of The Ages

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I have been re-reading Illusions by Richard Bach and it strikes me that many people in all walks of life protect themselves from success.  In Illusions, Richard Bach shares his wisdom by writing, ‘Argue for your limitations and sure enough their your’s.’  How profound.  Many in the Network Marketing business will resist performing the actions needed to suceed and while resisting will count numerous reasons why they cannot prospect, or why they cannot call their warm market. 

So, the key then is to find a big enough why which will propel you to taking the steps necassary to achieve.  Simple steps such as dedicating ten minutes a day with a partner role playing the objections, spending two hours of focused time prospecting, beginning to track the activities that lead to enrollments in a discplined fashion. 

Surely, there are many other activities to track and skills to develop.  Are you going to argue for your limitations or are you going to create a new future for yourself?  A future complete with all of the abundance you deserve.  As an MLM Trainer and Coach, it is obvious, MLM business growth and creation is just that, business, and in business it is critical to have cutting edge tools to succeed.  What are cutting edge tools?  Simply an ability to conversationally enroll like minded people on a massive level.

MLM Training- Business Building Blocks II

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Unfortunately, many people who favorably view direct selling’s income potential often fail in a few key areas.  Recruiting in the cold market and a failure to consistently create leads combined, lead people to failure.  I believe a shift in self perception is necessary.  Increasingly, it is becoming obvious that highly successful direct sellers view themselves jointly as direct sellers and as lead generators.


Without a lead there is nothing to sell, right?  So the game becomes one of systematically creating consistent lead flows.  The rule of thumb in the lead generation business is simple.  Few leads and high conversion rates equate to profit and high quantity leads and low conversion rates equate to profit.  So, the level of importance must be placed on creating high quantity lead inflows, as leads drive the direct selling business. 


Your lead generation focus needs to be placed first on lead sources.  Advertising and effective marketing create leads as do publication subscription lists and email subscription lists.  If your service or offering is niche specific, publications which serve those niches are also excellent lead sources, but may be most effectively marketed to initially as retail prospects with a strategic goal of conversion once the relationship has been established and quality of offering has been validated.  Keep in mind, retailing provides immediate income.  There are several list brokers to choose from, and you can locate them with a simple Google search.  Often, you can select filters such as age, income and geography to narrow your focus which will create a better return on your investment.  There are many direct sales focused periodicals to consider, I would propose calling each for their list marketing possibilities. 




Direct selling periodicals include:


Network Marketing News                                          Networking Times

The Trendsetter                                                           Network Marketing Business Journal

Network Marketer’s Resource Center Ezine              MLM Insider

SalesDoctors Magazine                                               The Network Trainer

The Entrepreneur Network                                         Network Marketing Lifestyles Mag.

The MLM Times                                                         Upline Magazine

Entrepreneur Weekly                                                  Cutting Edge Opportunities Mag.

Small Business Marketing News                                Opportunity Magazine

Advantage Networker                                                            Home Business Magazine

The Telephone Selling Report                         Network Marketing Today

Entrepreneur’s Home Office Magazine                      Entrepreneur Magazine

Network Marketing Connection Magazine


List Brokers Include:


www.vendorseek.com – Exchange service to identify best list pricing.

www.buyerzone.com  – Exchange service to identify best list pricing.

www.allbusiness.com – Exchange service to identify best list pricing.

www.listareus.com – Traditional List Broker

www.martinworldwide.com – Traditional List Broker


Your personal research will yield results specific to your offering, product and service.

Direct sellers who have retired or who have left the industry are also excellent lead sources.


Internet marketing, called web 2.0 has evolved to create a highly profitable lead generation strategy that is cost effective.  The cornerstone of your web 2.0 strategy is your web site.  Comprehensive internet marketing strategies also include blogs, free offers, social networking sites and joint ventures.


Effective web sites must be content rich, include search engine optimization and need to include a free offer in exchange for name and email.  Creating a content rich site is imperative as search engines will have multiple keyword hits on each page which will boost your ranking on Google and increase quantity of traffic.  Remember in the lead generation business, quantity will compensate for quality.


Blogging in multiple arenas will generate credibility and if configured properly will service as an onramp to your website.  Duplication is critical, which means it is prudent to set up multiple blogging sites through wordpress, blogger and squido.  Our goal through blogging is to create brand awareness, (you are your own brand) and to create credibility through the content you create. 


Another piece of the puzzle, is to begin to leverage your blog content into articles.  Your goal in writing articles is to further cement your credibility and your brand to cultivate an expert level status.  Importantly, your articles direct interested readers to your web site.


Now that traffic is arriving to your site your goal is to direct them to enter their name and email address in exchange for a free offer.  Perhaps it is a product sample or perhaps a free report or a free course.  Whatever it may be, by capturing interested prospects’ email, you can begin to market to them consistently via an auto responder.  Technology costs are rapidly coming down and that means for under $100.00 per month you can create your own leads consistently.